October 2014

LBT’s WoundVue technology uses artificial intelligence to assist clinicians in the assessment and care of chronic wounds.

WoundVue is able to calculate a wound’s surface area and volume, as well as objectively classifying the different tissue types within the wound.

Challenges for Clinicians

Wound Prevalence

It is estimated that 20,000,000 people worldwide (including 400,000 Australians) are living with a chronic wound or ulcer at any given time.

Treatment cost

The treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers is estimated to cost 2% of total Australian health expenditure (over $3 billion each year).

Increasing Demand

There is a growing demand for the assessment of chronic wounds in both institutional and community settings. This need is being driven by factors including an ageing population, obesity and the increasing incidence of diabetes.

Growing Need

This increasing burden on the healthcare system has led to a growing need for objective measurement techniques to support advances in wound care products and provide the basis for evidence-based care.

LBT Solution

Working with the Australian Institute of Machine Learning, LBT has applied its platform AI technology and combined it with 3D imaging capabilities to develop a prototype that is capable of supporting clinicians in the management and care of wounds. The device is able to:

  1. Accurately measure the surface area and volume of the wound; and
  2. Provide an objective classification of eight different tissue types within the wound, such as slough, necrosis, granulation and skin.

In summary, the work performed to date has shown that:

  • There is an unmet need in the chronic wound market for a hand-held device that objectively assesses wounds;
  • LBT’s prototype can accurately measure wound surface area and volume;
  • LBT’s image analysis algorithms have demonstrated the capability to classify different wound tissue characteristics;
  • The technology exists to map and morphologically characterise chronic wounds to assist with ongoing clinical assessment

LBT is looking for suitable partners to commercialise this product for the market.

Woundvue Image Assessment
WoundVue assessment of different tissue types using LBT’s platform AI technology