Under The Radar Report Small CAP Research
Robotics is a hot investment theme and LBT has been riding the wave of interest with its device to automate the processing and analysis of biological samples.
Under The Radar Report Small CAP Research
Under the Radar Report Biotech Special - Tim Boreham's sector run-down on opportunities to make money from the makers of devices and diagnostic tools.
Cornerstone-type Investor to Help Develop WoundVue
WoundVue is a hand-held device capable of interpreting tissue types and providing surface area, volume and depth measurements.
APAS Reaches Self Certification
LBT Innovations has completed the self-certification process for CE Marking for its APAS Independence launching by year’s end.
Dr Boreham’s Crucible Biotech Dailly
"The challenge lies with the regulatory pathway and what product claims you want to make." said Brent Barnes, CEO of LBT Innovations
APAS Independence Unveiled
The working APAS Independence will be showcased at a major clinical microbiology conference next month, and launched by end of 2017.
An Exceptional Share Price Increase
Share price surged by 358% percent this week, following announcement of the receipt of clearance from the FDA for The Automatic Plate Assessment System (APAS).