Company Overview

LBT Innovations is a groundbreaking designer of advanced technology solutions for the medical industry. We specialise in bringing advanced medical technologies to market. Our core capabilities include artificial intelligence, image analysis and software engineering solutions that improve medical diagnostic workflows.

Our first technology was an automated culture plate streaking system called MicroStreak. It was brought to market as the PREVI® Isola and initiated a new era in automation for clinical laboratories.

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APAS Independence

Following its success, we partnered with the Australian Institute of Machine Learning to develop the Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS®). This technology performs automated image capture, analysis and interpretation of culture plates delivering efficiencies to the microbiology workflow. In 2016 it became the first artificial intelligence diagnostic medical device to achieve FDA Class II approval. The technology is currently being commercialised through LBT’s joint venture company Clever Culture Systems.

LBT Innovations is exploring opportunities to extend our platform APAS® “intelligent imaging” technology towards new applications including wound treatment, histopathology and antibiotic sensitivity screening, broadening our scope from practical laboratory processes to cutting-edge computer vision and analysis.

LBT Innovations' culture comprises of the following values:
  • Collaborates and builds alignment with others to meet LBT’s business goals and objectives
  • Establishes mutually beneficial relationships with individuals or groups across LBT
  • Demonstrates open and effective communication to resolve and manage conflict
  • Motivates people and helps coordinate the actions of others
  • Helps peers perform and reach their potential while supporting their development and growth
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  • Takes accountability for achieving business outcomes and pro-actively seeks clarity of priorities
  • Shows initiative to take immediate action when confronted with problems / situations
  • Focuses on delivering tasks that support the end business outcome and deliverables
  • Demonstrates ethical behaviour and acts with integrity, honesty, trustworthy and respectful
  • Creates new ideas and puts them into practice (product, service, process)
  • Empowered to ask questions, identify areas to improve and recommend the improvement
  • Positive attitude and support to business changes once the decision has been made to change
  • Where possible, use data to support innovation and improvement
  • Encourage lateral thinking and presentation of ideas (no idea is a bad one)

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